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The question has been asked about Summer Camps & CV-19. We refer you to this page for an update. 

Birthday Parties

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At time of booking your birthday party, we require a 1/2 non-refundable deposit. Final payment is due prior to or the day of the party. Adjustments will be made as to number of childern at party. Parents of the birthday child must remain on site during party and are responsible for behavoir of all attendees. Parents may not participate in art instruction and should remain in waiting area during party. No photography/video of art instruction is permitted. Renaissance Art Center does not provide food for party. You may bring cake or pizza (preferred). Other food should be noted prior to party. For pottery, pieces will have to be fired and picked up at a later date. Parties begin at designated times and must end at prescribed time. Renaissance Art Center requires time to clean and set up for next event. Please review the Terms & Agreement on Policies Page.


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All camps must be paid in full at time of registration. There are no refunds after March 15th, 2020 for withdrawals of any reason. (Please refer to COVID-19 Section for withdrawal & refund questions.) You may transfer your registration to another student. Please contact us regarding our procedure for any transfers. Any refunds prior to the designated time frame are subject to fees. (See Withdrawals). Switching of camps are allowed free of charge prior to 6/1/2020. Any change request must be made by email. After 6/1/2020, any camp change will be charged a $25.00. Any change request must be made by email. Camps cannot be changed two (2) weeks prior to your registered camp start date. If we can honor the request, there will be a $50 fee for changing. Any change request must be made by email. We understand campers may get sick, however there are no make-up days, credits or prorated amounts for any days or weeks missed of your registered camps. We do not follow Montgomery County snow days and do not offer any credits of any kind in the event that any snow days interfere with the start of Summer Camps. In accordance with MD State, all campers are required to submit health forms. Forms must be submitted by (or on) the first day of camp. Student cannot attend without required forms. Out of state students must submit immunization records. Forms can be downloaded from the website and can be emailed, mailed or dropped off on the first day of camp. All medications need to be checked in at the main office at the start of camp with proper forms, labeled with identification. All food is to be supplied by parents and non-perishabable. We do not have refrigerators (or microwaves) available for campers. Also, please be aware of other students and nut allergies. Pottery students will need to return at a later date (usually 5 weeks after your camp) to pick up finished items. The amount of pieces made by pottery students cannot be guaranteed. A student's age and level of experience can contribute to this. There is also a small percentage of breakage through the firing process as well. We take every precaution to make sure students label their boxes & pieces accordingly. Any and all refunds will include a $35 administrative fee plus any materials fee. (Per student.) Refunds issued within 10 business days. Renaissance Art Center is not responsible for any errors made through the registration process. Please check your order summary carefully and it is your responsibility to address any issues within 24 hours of your enrollment. We reserve the right to place students into their proper age camps as indicated on our web site irregardless of how students are registered. Please review the age requirements and contact us if there are any questions. Renaissance is not responsible nor will refund or credit if the requirements are not followed as stated on the web site. Students who exhibit poor and dangerous behavior may be sent home at the discretion of camp directors. In the event we choose to do so, there are no refunds or credits for any missed days of camp. Please talk to campers about the proper interaction with others, including instructors. Cell phones, if deemed a distraction to camp, may be placed in our office until the end of camps. Students are to inform office/counselors of any issues, and should not be texting/calling parents. Please review this with your children.

Care Services

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For Summer Camps, we provide before & after care services for busy parents. These are separate payments and you only pay for what you need. Register online the week you attend camp/workshop. Students picked up after 6 pm will be charged an additional $25 per 15 minutes. Any student signed in at the start of Before or After will be billed accordingly, regardless of the time you arrive. Spring Break and Schools Out Workshops offer After Care Only and times can vary as the services. When signing up, only register for what you need as there are no credits/refunds for unused portions of our care services. Spring Break Camp hours and fees may vary.

Class Structure

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To maintain an integrity to our programs, we have strict guidelines as to the age groups of our classes. With years of experience behind us, we have found that age groups work best in the classroom environment. Therefore we need parents to understand that we cannot leapfrog students too early in the next level. While there may be an expection, this is done at our discrection and generally only when a student is very close in age. We have a 3 year curriculum track in all levels so this ensures that students will never repeat projects from semester to sememster, or year to year. Please contact us with any questions regarding the proper level for your child.


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Renaissance Art Center employees are trained in our method and go through thorough interviews, background checks and fingerprinting. We take training seriously and look to ensure the proper staff is on-hand to teach your children. We have all licenses and permits that are required from MC County & MD State and receive annual health & CPR training. Please contact us with any questions.

Free Trial Class

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We allow 1 free trial for a student so that they can experience a class at Renaissance Art Center. Parents must fill out a form online to participate, and we ask that you do not just walk in without notifiying us first. Students must be prepared and be able to participate without distrupting the class and it is important to be on time. Pottery students doing a free trial will not complete or finish a piece in the alloted time, but will be able to experience what the class is like.

Make Up

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Missed classes are the responsibility of the student, however, as a courtesy, we offer "same-week" make up classes, where available. Depending on the term, we may have an additional class at the end of the session, but this is not guaranteed. Please fill out a Make Up Request form located on the home page of the website. Once recevied, we will confirm your request.

If you know your child will be missing class, you may attend any alternative class that same week. If you miss a class and cannot attend in that same week, we may provide make up classes at the end of the term. We do not offer credits for missed classes unless we cancel the class. No carry-forward class credits beyond current term. You may request that your make up is in another class, so as to try out that class. For pottery, we do not save pieces in this case. We do not offer make ups during Summer Camp, Spring Break Camp or any School's Out Workshops/Events.

Marketing & Photography

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From time to time, for marketing purposes, will take videos or photography of classes or camps in session. At no time will we use an image showing the face of any student. Renaissance reserves the right to use any art created at the studio for their marketing materials.

Materials Fee

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All classes and camps include a materials fee which are included in your tuition. The fee will vary depending on the class/camp and the materials used. Fees (subject to change) are $20 per class session, $40 for 1/2 day camps and $75 for full day camps (Spring/Summer).

Practicum Series

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The Practicum Series registration is a commitment that all students and families must be prepared for. Due to the materials and curriculum, we put much effort into preparation and planning for the year. Therefore, please be advised of the following:

There are no refunds for withdawals after the start of classes, for any reason. There are no credits into other terms, classes or camps. Students may be asked to withdraw if they cannot maintain a level of maturity required for advanced level classes.

Pro Rated Tuition

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At the end of the 2nd week of the start of a new semester, tuitions will be pro-rated. The amount of discount will be determined by the week you start, and our system will automatically calucates the amount. Please note that pro-rated tuitions begin Sunday of the week you are registering for class. No further discounts are allotted and make ups are not allowed for the classes you missed, prior to your registration. (See make up policy for classes you paid for). We do not pro-rate camps or workshops, only classes. 

Registration Issues

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We are not responsible for any registrations issues if not notified within 24 hours. Please check your order summary carefully and contact us immediaetly by email. If not notified within the time allocated, you are therefore responsible for your registration and any changes may incur fees, depending on the type of registration.

Schools Out Workshops

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The following is our policy on Schools Out Workshops:

Students must provide their own snack & lunch.Student with health needs must submit a health form. (Can be downloaded from web site).There are no refunds/credits for cancellations or withdrawals of any reason.In the case of inclement weather, there are no refunds. However students may attend 2 classes in the current term unless we reschedule the date due to MCPS closings. Any and all refunds will include a $35 administrative fee & any materials fees. (Per student). Refunds are issued within 10 business days.

Spring Break & Holiday Camp

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Spring Break & Holiday camps will follow our camp policies. Please refer to that section.

Terms & Conditions

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To complete your online registration, you accepted the terms & conditions of your participation in classes/camps/workshops at Renaissance Art Center. Please note the following. In consideration of the acceptance of my registration of class/camp/workshop, I hereby waive, release, and discharge any and all claims for damages for personal injury, property damages or which may hereafter occur to me as a result of participation in said event. This release is intended to discharge in advance Renaissance Art Center, its officials, officers, employees, volunteers and agents from liability, even though that liability may arise out of perceived negligence on the part of persons mentioned above. It is understood that some recreational activities involve an element of risk or danger of accidents, and knowing those risks, I hereby assume those risks. It is further understood and agreed that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is to be binding on my heirs and assignees. 

I give consent for my child to participate in the above activities, and I execute the above liability release on their behalf by acknowleding that I have read and agreed to the terms & conditions when I completed my registration online.

I hereby give my consent to have the above applicant treated by emergency medical personnel, a physician, or surgeon, in case of sudden illness or injury while participating in the above activity. It is understood that Renaissance Art Center will provide no medial insurance for such treatment, and that the cost thereof will be at my expense.


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If you decide to withdraw from classes or camps for any reason, our policy is as follows:

After registration and once the term has started there are no refunds. If you wish to withdraw, you are responsible, at a minimum, for any fees plus four (4) weeks of classes plus any materials fees.There are no refunds/credits for Full Year or Practicum enrollments after the start of the Fall session. Upon withdrawal and refund, you forfeit attendance to any classes. There are no refunds/credits for any withdrawals after the 2nd week of classes. We do not offer any credits towards our Summer Camp Program or any other workshop. Any and all refunds (including camps, events, classes, etc.) will include a $35 administrative fee plus any materials fee (per student). Refunds are issued within 10 business days.

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