Birthday Party Package A

Renaissance Art Center. Art classes, camps & birthday parties for kids.
Parties are booked during the School Year calendar.
We do not offer parties during Summer Months.

PACKAGE A - $325

  • 10 Children (Excluding the birthday child) Additional children $20 each.
  • 1 Room for Art Project
  • 1 Instructor per 12 children
  • 1.5 Hour Guided Art Project
  • No Food or extra room.
  • Special gift for birthday child & all attendees from Renaissance Art Center

Choose from different time slots on Saturday and from any of our specially designed art projects. Please consider your child's age when choosing a project, as some are intended for an older audience. We have a catalog of projects to choose and while some customization is possible, we cannot create a new project without additional fees. Times & projects available are:


  • 2:45 PM    (Package A or B)
  • 3:00 PM    (Package A or B)
  • 3:30 PM    (Package A or B)
  • 4:00 PM    (Package A or B)


  • Drawing/Painting    (All times available) Choose from a variety of projects and mediums. Let us know your what you want to draw, and we'll review our catalog with you.
  • Makins Clay® Craft (All times available) *Makins Clay® is an air dry polymer clay. Enviromentally safe & easy to use, Makins Clay® is great for all ages. Using this material allows for projects to made & taken home the same day.
  • Pottery Hand Building - Pottery will be hand sculptured & glazed, but are not available to take home for at least 2 weeks. (This is due to the firing process.) Also note that breakage can occur during firing, and we cannot give a guarantee on finished pieces. Also due to time restraints, all students must be ready to go so that we have enough time to complete projects.

These packages can be applied to any other event, ie, Girl Scouts, Business Meetings, etc. Please contact us about scheduling your event.

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